Benefits of office plants, planters and atriums


There is now a large body of evidence highlighting the numerous benefits of having plants both in and outside all working environments. Grouped under the new title Biophilia, the benefits can be broadly grouped into Psychological and Physiological. Both groups point to benefits that give actual improvements in a range of performance related areas which in turn give real financial benefits to organisations proving that plants are a key element in any successful working environment. For detailed information on HOW PLANTS BENEFIT US ALL more here>>>




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Enterprise Plants offer the widest range of ways of incorporating planting into a working space from traditional plants in planters, insitu planting, green walls and a wide range of more innovative solutions for improving the working environment and what's more we can supply them anywhere in the UK. We'll help you choose exactly the right combination for your space, and make sure they're expertly looked after. Read about the benefits of plants and our PEAT FREE hydroponic interior plant displays more here>>>



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