Chelsea 'GOLD' and 'BEST IN CLASS' for Enterprise Plants and WLT

Day by day photos of stand construction 

Completed stand and info

Video of Bill Oddie describing the restoration work being undertaken in the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil


Enterprise Plants and Juniper Food Waste are delighted to have worked with the World Land Trust on their stand at the 2010 Chelsea Flower Show . The subject of the display is the biodiversity of rainforests and specifically the South American Atlantic Rainforest. We have re-created a small part of this endangered habitat at Chelsea this year to give visitors a real 'insider's view' of the rainforest.


Once covering more than 1 million km2, centuries of deforestation has seen the Atlantic Forest become

the second most threatened biome in the world after Madagascar. Today only 6-7% of the original forest cover

remains, an area of 100,000 km2, and only an estimated 2% is still primary forest. Despite the loss and habitat

fragmentation, this ecoregion is still ranked in the top five of the world's biodiversity hotspots and is one of the

highest priorities for conservation action globally.


2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity. The exhibit 'World Land Trust: Saving the Atlantic Rainforest'

will explore the work of the Trust and it local partners in South America in the preservation of the Atlantic

Rainforest and will celebrate WLT's 21 years of successful conservation action. It will focus on WLT's key projects

including the Province of Misiones in northeast Argentina which is a priority for conservation because it contains what is now the largest contiguous tract of remaining southern Atlantic rainforest. As well as protecting a wealth of endemic and rare fauna and flora it is also home to the Guaraní peoples who were the original occupants of a large part of Paraguay, Argentina and southern Brazil. Other WLT Atlantic Rainforest projects, located in Brazil and Paraguay, will also be represented.


The Atlantic Rainforest exhibit will be strongly plant-focused and include examples of indigenous forest species,

plants used for medicinal purposes by the Guaraní, and species and their hybrids used in the houseplant trade.


WLT is actively involved in Atlantic Rainforest conservation in Argentina (Misiones Province), Brazil (REGUA Reserve) and Paraguay (San Rafael).


Thanks to all who visited the stand in the Continous Learning Section and experienced the Rainforest for yourself.


 For more information on this project or to make donations visit the World Land Trust