Over the last 30 years we have come to realise how important it is for us all to take care of both the environment we work in and the wider global environment. Over this time we have continually introduced policies aimed at reducing our impact whilst improving the level of service to our customers. We are still involved with this as an on-going project looking at ways of reducing both our and our clients impact where possible.


A few of the actions we have taken over the years include;



Peat Usage Reduction

We have tried to completely eliminate our use of peat and now supply all new displays in Hydroculture which is peat free. However we also have several thousand displays on our clients sites which are still in peat based compost and through natural replacement we will replace planters containing peat. For our exterior landscape projects the main planting medium used for new installations is a recycled mix of reclaimed peat, green waste compost and worm cast. In short we have cut down our peat useage by 75% and will continue to look at ways of increasing this.



Energy Consumption

Electricity - All our depots now use Green Electricity supplied by Green energy UK from 100% green sources.



Vehicle Fuels

We've recently imposed max Co2 emission levels for all our fleet and regularly monitor fuel usage. Obviously this is a major area of impact for us. We are continuing to monitor the development of alternative technologies for vans and have used LPG vehicles for a number of years. Electric vans may be a way forward. Our fuel usage is constantly monitored and routes scrutinised to reduce mileage.




We capture and recycle all our green waste this is then processed at our own site for use as a future soil improver alternatively for remote locations these works will be processed by others. All live Christmas trees are returned to our nursery, chipped and composted for future planting projects and a donation is made to the World Land trust for every Christmas trees supplied.




Using the least environmentally harmful chemical weed killers on exterior sites, and using natural predators and sticky pads on interior plants.